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Continuous Attic Ventilation Can Help You Control Your Cooling Costs

It’s important to seal air leaks in your attic to prevent energy loss, but it’s also important to ensure your attic is well ventilated. A properly ventilated attic contributes to an energy-efficient home all year round.

In the summer, your attic is prone to collecting heat. Heat gain from solar radiation transfers through the roof and creates a sweltering environment. This heat can transfer into your living space, causing your cooling system to work harder. Even if you have enough insulation, there is still the issue of accumulated heat and moisture to consider.

Warm, stagnant environments contribute to moisture problems, mold growth and microorganism infestation. Moisture and mold can cause rot and can decrease the efficiency of your insulation. Again, this can lead to heat transfer and energy loss.

Ensuring you have adequate attic ventilation can prevent this. A few elements of good attic ventilation include:

  • Vents, such as at the rafters and soffits, which contribute to airflow. Rafter and soffit vents are found where the attic roof slopes down over the eaves and should never be blocked by insulation.
  • A well-sealed and insulated area between the upper story of the house and the floor of the attic, preventing as much heat transfer and air loss as possible.
  • Attic fans may be used to draw air in through the soffit vents and push stale, hot air back outside. However, if the air leaks in your attic floor aren’t sealed, an attic fan may actually contribute to energy loss by pulling cool, conditioned air up into the attic.

Proper ventilation is also important in winter to keep your attic cold. Your attic space should remain cool in winter to prevent snow and ice from melting on your roof and then refreezing to form an ice dam. Ice dams can cause real property damage.

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