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Consider 3 Benefits of Using a Zoning System

Blue-Silver ThreeThe benefits of using a zoning system include customized control over the varied temperature environments under one roof. Upstairs areas bask in rising hot air; shaded lower floors get chilled quickly. Design features like cathedral ceilings and expansive windows impose diverse temperature ranges, while add-on rooms and renovations have their own individual heating and cooling loads.

Most homes already have more than a single temperature zone. The problem is, most homes have only one furnace and A/C unit to serve these multiple indoor climates. That’s equivalent to having a single light switch to control all light fixtures. A zoning system adapts one air conditioner and furnace to accommodate all the comfort needs of your home.

How a zoning system works

Utilizing a series of motorized dampers installed in your ductwork to subdivide your home into independent temperature zones, the system incorporates dedicated thermostats in each zone. A central controller receives input from all thermostats and coordinates the opening and closing of dampers to direct conditioned airflow only to zones requiring it.

Three standout benefits of using a zoning system

  • Energy savings – In a zoned house, you no longer heat or cool unoccupied rooms. You make the choice of which rooms receive heating and cooling and at what temperature. Rooms in one area of the home don’t have to be overcooled or overheated simply to make sure rooms elsewhere get an adequate amount.
  • Increased comfort – Occupants can enjoy temperature ranges that suit their personal preferences, as well as the conditions of that particular zone. Consistent comfort levels spread out among a variety of locales that replaces competition between different areas of the home for heating and cooling.
  • Low-cost investment – Compared to the expense of installing and operating additional furnaces and air conditioners, a zoning system is a definite bargain. Most conventional forced-air heating and cooling systems are good candidates for cost-efficient conversion to zoning.

At Sobieski Services, we’re experienced in explaining the benefits of using a zoning system to homeowners considering an upgrade. Our goal is to help educate our customers in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC & plumbing systems).

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