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Before Completing the Office Build Out, Plan Your Commercial HVAC System

Whether you’re having new construction done or are working on a renovation of your existing space, careful planning is necessary to ensure that all elements of the project fit together properly. This is perhaps even more important when installing or renovating a commercial HVAC system. Errors in planning could mean last-minute revisions to current blueprints, expensive corrections to HVAC systems that have already been installed, or in the worse cases, a commercial HVAC system that won’t work properly and must be taken out and completely revised and reinstalled. Here are several suggestions you can use for planning your commercial HVAC system to make sure the equipment in your office build out is installed properly the first time.

The Benefits of a Commercial HVAC System

The most obvious benefit of your commercial HVAC system, of course, is that it keeps your facility warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There are also other benefits that come from a carefully planned and properly installed commercial HVAC system:

  • Ventilation: A commercial HVAC system can improve ventilation in your commercial space, ensuring better indoor air quality and improved comfort.
  • Dehumidification: Part of the function of air conditioners is dehumidification, which is the removal of excess moisture from your indoor air. Proper dehumidification makes your indoor spaces more comfortable while preventing moisture-related problems such as the growth of mold or damage to your HVAC equipment. The nature of HVAC equipment means that it will need regular preventive maintenance and occasional repair. It is also true that heating and cooling systems will need to be replaced, on average, about every fifteen or twenty years. Each time your HVAC professional makes contact with your HVAC system, there is another opportunity to make sure the repairs, renovations, or expansions are properly planned and correctly executed to reduce future problems.

What Can You Expect from Proper Planning?

The benefits of proper commercial HVAC system planning will be felt both physically and financially.

  • Reduced monthly expenses: When your heating or cooling system is properly planned, adequately sized, and correctly installed, it will maintain a high level of performance and efficiency that reduces ongoing costs for heating and cooling. The equipment will work like it should, taking best advantage of all modern components that increase efficiency. There will be less waste of air and energy through ductwork leaks or inefficiencies. There will be fewer malfunctions or breakdowns that require a costly repair visit, especially emergency repairs that tend to be much more expensive than repairs in less urgent situations.
  • Better cash flow: When you plan HVAC system installations, upgrades, and expansions, you’ll be better able to control the costs associated with these activities. This can allow for better cash flow within your business through regular budgeting and reasonable scheduling for HVAC work, including preventive maintenance. In addition, by taking care of smaller problems when they’re found the planning stage, you’ll be able to prevent larger issues from developing into more expensive and bothersome issues later.
  • Temperature consistency: A well-planned system will have better air circulation, which will ensure that indoor temperatures are more consistent throughout the facility. The likelihood of areas that are hotter or colder than other areas of the building will be reduced.
  • Less change of disruptions to business activities: A broken-down heating or cooling system could mean that you have to interrupt business activities until the equipment is fixed. Properly planned and installed systems are less likely to break down and cause the need to close your office, retail shop, or commercial facility until repairs are made. You’ll avoid annoying both customers and employees and will be able to keep your doors open without interruption.

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