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Common Causes of Drain and Sewer Clogs

Drain and sewer clogs are frustrating to deal with in addition to being a little gross. If you have a clog, your first inclination might be to put it off because its nasty business. But it is important you fix the clog as soon as possible in order to avoid other issues such as odors, leaks and sewage backup. However, sometimes it’s a little difficult to troubleshoot a clog without knowing what caused it. The pros at Sobieski have come up with a list of some of the most common causes of drain and sewer clogs.

1. Hair and Soap
If you notice that your bathtub is clogged, the culprit behind the clog is most likely hair and soap. Overtime, hair and soap scum will build up in your bathtub drain and eventually cause the water to drain away slowly. If you don’t fix this clog quickly, it will lead to excess moisture buildup in your bathtub which can quickly lead to mold growth. The slow draining will also lead to buildup of bacteria and make it harder for you to clean your bathtub. However, as stubborn as this clog is, it’s also easy to fix. You can use a gloved hand to reach in and pull out any hair and soap on the surface of the drain. You can also create a mixture of one-part baking soda and one-part distilled white vinegar to clear up the clog.

2. Food Waste
If you find that your garbage disposal is clogged, it might be because of food waste that your drain can’t handle. You should never throw away bones, grease, coffee ground or starchy items in your garbage disposal as it can most definitely lead to a stubborn clog. To fix this, you will have to turn off your disposal and use a flashlight to investigate the drain. If you can reach it and pull it out, do so carefully. You can also use your handy-dandy plunger or the baking soda and vinegar mixture we mentioned above.

3. Wipes
Many people don’t realize that no matter how “flushable” flushable wipes brands say they are, they will eventually end up causing clogs. Instead of being drained away, they will most likely end up being stuck in your pipes and slowly wreak havoc on your plumbing. That is why it is best to trash them in the bin rather than flush. If you find that wipes are clogging your toilet, you can use a flanged-plunger or create your own drain snake. Simply untangle the wire from a coat hanger and bend one end to make it look like a hook. Push it into the drain and try to pull out wipes from the drain.

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