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Commercial Settings Require Occasional Drain Cleanings As Well

A clogged sink or a slow-running drain is a familiar nuisance for most homeowners. In a commercial or industrial setting, however, drainage issues can result in much larger problems, ranging from minor inconveniences to complete business disruption. Commercial drain cleaning and plumbing services provide the expertise, specialized equipment and power to remove clogs and repair pipes on the larger scale demanded by businesses and industries that can’t afford to be sidelined by drainage troubles.

Sources of clogged drains

In a commercial, retail, or industrial setting, drain systems typically receive very heavy use. Typical sources of clogged drains in commercial settings include:

  • Restrooms and sewer systems: Restrooms in commercial or retail settings are used many times a day, putting much more stress on the drainage system than would be normal in a residential setting. In a retail setting, where members of the public are constantly using the plumbing system, the restroom drains will be used hundreds of times a day. Even restrooms in smaller office facilities will get considerable use. As an added danger, when members of the public are constantly going in and out of restrooms, it’s difficult to control what gets flushed into the system and causes a clog.
  • Sinks: Sinks in food-service facilities are vital to sanitation and cleanliness. However, in restaurants, sinks often receive material other than water to drain, ranging from grease and fats to food particles.
  • Industrial drains: Manufacturing facilities and other industries often use water as part of their processes, which means they also require a reliable source of drainage. Heavy use and remnants from the manufacturing processes can cause serious clogs in these settings.
  • Healthcare facility drains: A supply of fresh, clean water and the ability to remove wastewater is critical in healthcare facilities. Clogs from overuse or build-up in the pipes can cause serious threats to patient heath.
  • HVAC systems: Air conditioners also serve as dehumidifiers for indoor environments. The humidity and moisture they remove from the air accumulates within the system and is drained away. In HVAC drainage systems, the pipes may be smaller than other drains, increasing the chances for clogs. Algae, mold or other material can grow in the drain system and create clogs.

Drain-cleaning tools

Professional drain-cleaning services employ powerful tools that can scour drains clean. These tools include:

  • Drain augers: Drain augers, sometimes called “snakes,” use a cutting tool on the end of a large cable to physically cut through clogs and break them up. These tools range in size from smaller augers used to clear sinks and toilets to large motorized units that can knock out heavy clogs farther inside the plumbing or sewer system.
  • Cameras: Drain-cleaning services use specialized cameras on the ends of cables to give the insides of pipes a visual inspection. These devices help professional plumbers locate clogs and identify what they are made of. They are also useful for looking for damaged pipes or other problems that could affect drainage.
  • Hydro-jets: These are very powerful systems that use high-pressure jets of water to blast through difficult clogs. Hydro-jetting is often used for pipes that have clogs made of grease, oil, or fats.


  • As in most cases, prevention and maintenance is the best solution for drainage problems.
  • Contact your plumbing professional for regular drain inspections and maintenance services.
  • Install drain catches or similar screens to reduce the amount of solid waste that enters your drains.
  • Encourage your customers and employees to avoid flushing excessive amounts of toilet paper, cigarette butts, paper towels or other foreign objects.
  • Expand your drain system if necessary to accommodate increased drainage demands.

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