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Commercial Plumbing Problem? Turn to Pipe Cleaning With Camera Service

Plumbing HandlePlumbing system cameras are an effective solution to the difficulty of locating and identifying commercial plumbing system problems in areas that are otherwise difficult or impossible to inspect directly. These specially designed cameras fit on the end of a push rod or long cable that is fed into your drain pipes. As the camera is threaded into the plumbing system, your plumbing specialist can see the condition of your pipes along their entire length. There can be no doubt of the nature of the problem when the clog, break, leak or other issue is found and visually confirmed.

Characteristics of plumbing camera systems

  • Lightweight and easy to manipulate: The small cameras that are used in both residential and commercial plumbing applications are small and lightweight. This makes it easy to move from place to place. Their small size also makes it easy to insert into plumbing systems and to manipulate once they are within the pipe network.
  • Sturdy and waterproof construction: Casings for these cameras are often made of stainless steel or other sturdy material. Plumbing system cameras are also waterproof and able to withstand traveling through the muck and contaminated water.
  • Self-leveling: Newer models of plumbing system cameras are self-leveling, which means that they are able to orient themselves. This feature ensures that video and still images taken with plumbing cameras are always correctly oriented to the upper and lower parts of the pipe. Self-leveling cameras are also easier to manipulate since viewers of the video feed can accurately tell the difference between right and left.
  • Video feeds and digital recording: Plumbing cameras are typically connected to video equipment that allows the plumber and customer to see what the camera sees and follow its progress through the lines. These video feeds can be recorded digitally in full-size video format. Still images can be easily extracted from these video feeds.
  • Self-propelled crawlers: Some camera systems are self-propelled units attached to crawler systems that pull the camera forward. These types of camera systems are useful for situations in which a very long or complex network of pipes must be inspected. A push rod or cable system would be ineffective in putting the camera where it needs to go.

Advantages of camera systems

  • Direct visualization of problems: Plumbing cameras let you see exactly what the problem is in your commercial plumbing system. The extent of a pipe break or leak can be seen immediately, blockages can be identified, the condition of pipes can be closely inspected and the location of the problem can be pinpointed.
  • Ability to record complete inspection processes: Recording a commercial plumbing system inspection from beginning to end provides excellent documentation of the troubles that were encountered and the procedures that were performed to correct the problems. Further, recordings can prove repairs were made and can show exactly what was done to repair the pipe or remove the clog.
  • Ability to work in pipes of varying sizes: Plumbing system cameras are effective in pipes of many sizes, usually from about 1 1/4 inches up to 6 inches. In pipes larger than 6 inches, the camera’s light might not be strong enough to illuminate the entire area for recording.
  • Monetary savings: By using a camera to locate problems in your commercial plumbing system, you eliminate the need for guesswork or exploratory digging to locate the trouble. When you know exactly where the trouble is, you can employ an electronic transmitter that sends a signal to above-ground locators. Using these signals as a guide, your plumber will know exactly where to go to find the trouble in the system.

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