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Commercial A/C Check Up Tips for Before Summer is Over

With a few weeks of summer left, it’s more important than ever to make sure your commercial air conditioner is well maintained and kept in good working order. A commercial A/C check up will keep the system working properly for the rest of the season while ensuring the unit will be ready to go back in service next year. Here are some of the more important elements of a commercial A/C check up.

What You Can Do

Many routine maintenance tasks are relatively easy and can be performed without any specialized knowledge of air conditioner systems. You can take care of many of these checks yourself, which will free up your HVAC contractor’s time to focus on technical issues and make professional repairs.

  • Check and change filters: The filters in your air conditioner help keep your indoor air clean by trapping and holding airborne particles such as dust, pollen, fibers, mold, and other tiny piece of material. As this particulate material builds up in the filter, airflow is reduced, which can eventually lead to a/c malfunctions or damage. You should check the filter in your air conditioner at least once a month and change it if it’s dirty. A good way to check the status of the filter is to hold it up to a light source such as a lamp or light bulb. If you can’t see light through the filter, it’s time to change it.
  • Clean the outdoor unit: Make sure the outdoor unit is kept clean and free of blockages that could interfere with airflow. Clear away any accumulations of dirt, mud, grass, sticks, leaves, or other material that could block the vents in the cabinet. Use a soft cloth and mild detergent or cleaner to wipe down the cabinet, then protect it with a light coating of automobile wax.
  • Ensure proper clearance around the outdoor unit: If there is grass or other vegetation growing near the outdoor cabinet, make sure it has been trimmed back to allow enough several feet of clearance for proper air circulation. If there are objects such as dumpsters or other items near the unit, move them if possible to provide airflow clearance.
  • Check and clear indoor vents and registers: Indoor vents and registers should be kept clean of dirt, fibers, or other material that could create a blockage. Make sure indoor vents are not blocked by furniture, commercial fixtures, boxes, equipment, or other objects. What Your HVAC Professional Should Do As part of your commercial A/C check up, your HVAC professional should look at several factors that require specialized training, knowledge, and equipment.
  • Check refrigerant level: The A/C requires a manufacturer-specified level of refrigerant to function properly. Your technician should make sure the unit contains enough refrigerant and should add refrigerant if needed. He should also check to make sure refrigerant lines are tightly connected and that there are no leaks in the lines or elsewhere in the system.
  • Clean and tighten electrical connections: All electrical connections should be checked to make sure they are clean and tight.
  • Test and calibrate thermostat and system controls: All functional controls on the unit should be tested and adjusted for maximum performance. It is particularly important to make sure the system’s thermostat is calibrated to provide an accurate measurement of indoor temperatures.
  • Lubricate fans and moving parts: Add oil to the engine, fans, and other moving parts that generate friction.
  • Check and clear drain system: Make sure the drainage system is working properly to remove water condensation. Drains should be cleared if needed. It may also be necessary to apply an algaecide to prevent organic growth that causes clogs.

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