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With Cold And Flu Season Coming, Let UV Lights Boost Your Resistance

Tissue boxIndoor air quality can be a concern, especially with cold and flu season around the corner, but ultraviolet (UV) lights can help. Working quietly behind the scenes, UV lights combine with your HVAC equipment to efficiently target biological contaminants and purify your indoor air.

How do germicidal UV light products work?

Installed alongside your HVAC equipment, the UV lights are able to effectively hone in on mold, bacteria, along with other microorganisms, as air circulates through the system, into your home, and back through the system again. And it not only cleans the air in your home, but it also keeps pollutants out of your HVAC equipment. Pollutants that get inside your heating and cooling equipment can lead to buildup on the internal components, which will eventually slow your system down, cause it to work harder, and then consume more energy.

Just why are UV lights so effective? Don’t other air-cleaning systems also clean up the air?

Yes – and no. Some other air-purifying technologies rely on filters to trap pollutants. And while this technology works, it also is dependent on regular filter changes to operate – and pollutants have been known to escape when a filter is full. UV lights use their strong rays to zap each pollutant’s cell, which changes the actual structure of the cell so that it can’t reproduce. And it does this over and over as the air passes through your HVAC system hundreds of times each day.

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