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Cloudy Tap Water? Here’s What’s Going On

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Cloudy tap water rarely poses a health threat, but its appearance can still be a little unpleasant. If you’re concerned about your cloudy water, there are ways to clear it up.

Air in the Water

Air in your water creates minute bubbles that give the water a cloudy or milky appearance. When this happens, water poured into a glass will clear up after a few minutes.

This is more common in cold weather because cold water holds more air. To reduce the bubbles in the water from your cold water line, install an aerator on the faucet. If that doesn’t help, there could be a break in the line that’s letting air leak in. Ask your water company to inspect the lines.

Water under pressure also holds more air than unpressurized water. If the cloudy water is coming from your hot water line, the cloudiness is likely due to the pressure caused by the water heater.

Mineral Particles in the Water

A less common cause of cloudy tap water is sediment and mineral particles in the water. In this case, water left in a glass will eventually clear, but it may take half an hour or more. You’ll notice grit at the bottom of your drinking glasses and bathtub. Iron in the water can cause both cloudiness and a metallic taste.

One possible solution is to install a whole-house sediment filter. This will remove the particles from the water as it enters your home, so you get clearer water at every tap. You’ll need to change the filter cartridge occasionally as it fills with sediment.

Rarely, cloudy tap water is caused by methane gas or bacteria in the pipes. If you’re unsure why your water is cloudy, contact a plumber who can determine the cause and find an effective solution.

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