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Clogged Up? Find a Pro to Unblock Your Heating Ducts

Lately your furnace doesn’t seem to be doing any good in your home. Your system is running, but there’s no heat coming out of one or more of the vents. Looks like your heating ducts are clogged. What should you do? Just call your local HVAC pro, so he can help unclog your heating ducts.

  • Locate the clogged duct. If you know which duct is clogged, tell your technician first to make things easier for everyone. If not, your technician will go around to each vent while your furnace is on to see how the airflow compares between them. If one vent has little to no air coming out, its duct may be clogged. If all of your vents are having problems, your air filter may be clogged and should be replaced.
  • Check for leaks. Maybe your heating ducts aren’t blocked and are just leaking. If your ducts have holes, tears, or other damage, then air won’t be able to reach your vents. An HVAC technician can help you find and seal ductwork leaks with metal tape or mastic sealant.
  • Look for blockage. The next thing your technician will do is remove the vent cover to look for any obvious signs of blockage. If there are foreign objects in your ducts, such as cardboard, clothing, or other obstructions, they may eventually block up your vent grill. As such, all items should be removed.
  • Inspect the ducts. If the duct clog still hasn’t been found, your HVAC professional will have to inspect your ducts with a flashlight to see exactly where the blockage is and how bad it is. If it’s a minor clog, he might be able to get it out by hand or with a small brush. However, if the blockage is serious, he may need to use an industrial grade vacuum cleaner.

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