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Clarifying Common Heating Misconceptions

In the winter, the cold, bitter temperatures have most people hiding out indoors. Staying comfortable and warm at home is the goal, unless you’re away on vacation skiing. So don’t allow yourself to fall for some beliefs that are actually just misconceptions when it comes to heating your home. Save yourself money, energy and comfort this winter by steering clear of the following home heating myths.

Misconception #1: You can heat your home faster by setting the thermostat to a higher temperature

When it’s particularly cold outside, it can be tempting to raise the temperature on your thermostat significantly. However, keep in mind that just because you’ve set the thermostat to a higher temperature, your heater won’t warm your home any faster.

What actually occurs is that your heating system will simply keep heating and make your home unnecessarily hot. Most home furnaces, apart from multi-stage units, run at full capacity regardless of how the temperature is set on the thermostat. Keep your thermostat set to the temperature you actually want your home to be; you’ll avoid getting uncomfortably hot and save on your bills.

Misconception #2: Using space heaters will save you more money than a gas heating unit

Space heaters run on electricity, meaning that the more heaters you have and the more often you use them, the higher your electricity bill will be. Electricity bills actually tend to be more expensive and less efficient than natural gas. So if you’re worried about spending a lot on heating your home with a gas furnace, rest assured that it will actually be more comfortable and cost efficient than using space heaters.

Misconception #3: All new homes are inexpensive to heat

If you’ve recently purchased a new home, you may think that your heating costs will be low. Unfortunately, not all new homes are constructed with energy efficiency in mind. Despite construction and energy codes, new buildings are sometimes still under-insulated and not entirely air sealed.

Another piece of the energy efficiency puzzle that many people don’t take into account is the size of the space. Even a smaller, older home is generally easier and less expensive to heat than the most energy efficient mansion. A heating unit should be appropriately sized for the space it’s required to heat. Systems that are too large or (rarely) too small can be inefficient and add to unnecessarily high heating costs.

Stay Cozy This Winter With Help From Sobieski

From Pennsylvania, Delaware and into Maryland and New Jersey, Sobieski can help make heating your home easy. Our caring and knowledgeable team wants you to be warm, safe and secure throughout the year with quality service, upfront prices and professional service that’s always on time.

Don’t fall for these heating misconceptions, be smart about heating this winter! Contact us or call (302) 993-0103 to learn more about energy efficient heating for your home.

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