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Choosing A Water Heater Installation: Factoring In The EF Rating

Water HeaterFactoring in the EF (energy factor) rating when choosing a new water heater installation is essential. The basic thing you need to know about a water heater’s energy factor is that the higher the score, the greater the unit’s efficiency. While higher-scoring water heaters tend to cost more the improved efficiency has great benefits that all homeowners need to take into consideration.

The EF rating indicates overall energy efficiency of a water heater based on three things: recovery efficiency, standby losses and cycling losses. But what do these things mean?

Recovery efficiency: This first component to the score indicates how quickly heat is transferred from the energy source to the water. Don’t you hate it when you have to wait forever for hot water? Greater recovery efficiency helps eliminate that.

Standby losses: This one is kind of specific to water heaters with storage tanks. But what standby losses basically measure is how much of the heat per hour (from stored water) is lost compared with the heat of the main body of water.

Cycling losses: Water is always moving through pipes. Cycling losses measure how much heat is lost when your water is moving in and around these pipes; from the water heater tank and through to the pipes.

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