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Choosing the Right Kind of Insulation for Your Hockessin Home

Adding insulation to your unfinished attic, basement or crawlspace could considerably decrease your energy bills. Before you start stuffing batts and rolls into uninsulated spaces, learn more about R-value and its significance when choosing the right kind of insulation for your Hockessin home.

What is R-Value?

R-value stands for thermal resistance value. The higher the number is, the greater the effectiveness of the insulation. R-values vary by material, thickness and density. When calculating your existing insulation’s R-value, consider the varying insulating abilities of different layers. For example, you may have a layer of fiberglass rolls installed between floor joists and loose fill cellulose insulation on top of that.

If this is true in your home, make sure you calculate each individual layer of insulation separately to come up with an accurate R-value. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of insulation depends on its present condition.

For instance, the R-value of crushed or wet insulation won’t match the R-value printed on the original package. To get the most from your installation, make sure the material remains in good condition. Replace wet, moldy or damaged insulation to restore the R-value and reap maximum benefits.

Why Is it Important to Have the Right Insulation R-Values?

Different areas of your home have different recommended R-values. These vary based on where you live. Colder climates have higher recommended levels. As a Hockessin homeowner, your attic should be insulated to between R-38 and R-60.

If you already have three to four inches of existing insulation, you could benefit from doubling that amount. Loose fill insulation is a great choice, though you need a professional’s help to install it. While you could theoretically add too much insulation, most homes have a shortage, not a surplus, of the fluffy stuff that keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

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