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Choose Scald-Free Plumbing Products To Protect Your Loved Ones

Scald-free plumbing products are critical because the leading cause of hospital admissions for burns is not fire — it’s water. Every year about 3,800 burns and 35 deaths occur from scalds, the majority in bathtubs and showers. Most of these involve children, the disabled and the elderly. However, it can happen to almost anyone when you consider that only a three-second exposure to 145-degree water can produce a severe scald requiring medical treatment.

Temperatures such as these are within the adjustable range of residential water heaters. An anti-scald device in the tub and shower physically prevents unsafe water temperatures, no matter what the temperature setting of the water heater may be. Virtually all local plumbing codes require scald protection devices on new construction. However, your plumber can retrofit these important scald-free plumbing products into your existing home plumbing:

  • Pressure-balanced anti-scald valve: Many scalds result from transient fluctuation in cold water pressure. If someone flushes a toilet, the cold water supply to the shower drops while hot water remains unchanged. This can abruptly alter the temperature mix of the water and cause scalding before the bather can react. A pressure-balanced anti-scald shower valve senses the change in cold water pressure and automatically reduces the hot water flow proportionally to maintain the safe temperature balance. If the cold water supply is completely interrupted, the valve cuts the hot water down to a trickle.
  • Thermostatic mixing valve: Because some homeowners set water heater temperatures higher than 120 degrees to prevent bacteria growth, an in-line thermostatic mixing valve located in the hot water supply line leaving the water heater adds extra anti-scald protection. These valves may also be designed into some of the higher-priced tub and shower valves. A thermostatic mixing valve allows you to dial-in the maximum desired temperature reaching the tub. The valve then mixes cold water into the hot flow to continuously maintain that temperature to an accuracy of 1 to 2 degrees.

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