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Characteristics of a Good Plumber and How to Find One

You might be the do-it-yourself type when it comes to home repairs and plumbing. What happens when the job is too big and you need a little help? Knowing the characteristics of a good plumber will help you select the right one for home.

Your Friends and Neighbors Trust Them

One way to find a good plumber is to ask your friends and neighbors whom they trust. If one particular name comes up repeatedly, then you know the plumber has worked hard for that endorsement. When you are new to your area, asking for plumbing referrals can be a way to meet your new neighbors. Websites that feature user reviews can be another valuable resource when searching for the right plumber for your home.

A Good Plumber Leaves a Trail

If your plumbing issue is not an emergency, you can do a little homework about the list of recommended plumber you now have.

The Better Business

Bureau can tell you if any of the plumbers on your list have a great deal of complaints or unresolved issues. Find out what the requirements are in your state to obtain a plumber’s license, and make sure the one you choose meets them.

A Good Plumber Answers Questions

When you are done with your research, write down exactly what you need the plumber to do. Make a list of questions that you want answered. Call any of the plumbers on your list, and ask if they will give you a free estimate. The job may cost more or less once it is complete, but at least you will have an idea of what the job will cost.

When you ask good questions, you will gain knowledge about the specific job you need and you will help eliminate surprises. One of the characteristics of a good plumber is that they carry their license and proof of insurance with them, so make sure any plumber you hire will do this. Proper insurance is vital in case something goes wrong.

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