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Carbon Monoxide Detector Shopping? Some Features You May Want

Choosing the most suitable carbon monoxide detector for your home can save your life. If your home or apartment doesn’t have a detector, it’s past time to purchase one. When you decide to go carbon monoxide detector shopping, you’ll need to look for a few features that will best fit your particular requirements.

Back-Up Battery Power

In the event of a power loss, your carbon monoxide detector won’t be able to alert you to danger unless it’s battery-operated or is a plug-in unit that comes equipped with a back-up battery to keep it functioning without electricity.

Detection Sensitivity

Because carbon monoxide can’t been seen, smelled or tasted, the deadly gas can accumulate without the homeowner even being aware that there’s a problem brewing. So, the more quickly the detector senses the gas and issues an alert, the faster you and your family can leave your home and call a professional for help. Research before you begin carbon monoxide detector shopping to determine which unit employs state-of-the-art detection technologies.

Different Types of Alerts

Most carbon monoxide detectors issue a loud warning beep when they detect a build-up of the gas. The beep, while loud, may not be enough to wake heavy-sleepers or warn people who have common, age-related hearing loss. Detectors with the additional feature of voice warning may be a solution. Certain wireless detectors that vibrate or use strobe lights are available for homeowners with hearing impairments or vision loss.

Detectors That Combat False Readings

Certain conditions can affect the accuracy of carbon monoxide detector readings. Chemicals used in the home, temperature changes and high humidity can all trigger false readings in a detector. An electrochemical sensor unit offers more stability under these common situations. Proper placement of the units is also essential.

Nothing Lasts Forever

The above heading true for carbon monoxide detectors as well. When you’re carbon monoxide detector shopping, look for units that will indicate with an alert that they are reaching the end of their usefulness.

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