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CAD Technologies Give Your Project A Leg Up Before Construction Begins

Shore BirdModern construction design has advanced well beyond the traditional tools of pencil and T-square on a drafting board. Those reliable old methods produced some magnificent structures and complex HVAC installations, but new computer-aided design (CAD) technologies promise to make project design, layout and construction even more efficient, with less waste, less delay and less uncertainty.

The latest, most technologically advanced 3D CAD technologies are available for HVAC and construction design projects in the EPC industry. All of the mechanical shop drawings can be produced using 3D CAD software, and projects can be viewed in three dimensions so that potential problems are identified before any commitments are made.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, a type of detailed, flexible digital modeling software, is also available. This type of technology makes it easier to test new designs and alternatives on the computer screen before they’re committed to a construction drawing or a physical project. BIM software is more flexible than standard 3D CAD technologies because it allows design and construction professionals the opportunity to easily investigate potential design clashes, physical flaws and alternative arrangements in a responsive design environment.

In standard CAD, when a change is made in one aspect of the design, that change must be reflected by the designer or draftsman in other parts of the drawing. Using BIM technology, a change or alteration in one element of the project design is automatically adjusted for elsewhere in the drawing. Design conflicts can be easily seen and reconciled before any work begins in the field, preventing costly time and material overruns or emergency redesigns.

Regardless of the software utilized, commercial entities embarking on a construction project benefit from working with a contractor skilled in the use of CAD technologies. Benefits include:

  • Increasing the productivity of the designer, leading to lower costs for the client.
  • A better quality design, as the computer-simulated design allows the contractor to foresee problems, identify solutions, and so forth.
  • Using zoom capabilities to hone in on specific details of a building plan, which just isn’t possible with traditional drawings.
  • Getting a bird’s eye view of the model drawing with 3D capabilities, allowing the builder to rotate the plan and see the full scope of the building design.
  • Interconnectivity of the CAD technologies and a skilled, experienced building designer, giving clients the best of both worlds in terms of superior technology and software capabilities along with a real-world understanding of how people use a building.
  • Streamlining the design and analysis process, leading to just a few team members are given access to the project, creating momentum and facilitating improved communication among the team. CAD technologies typically marry the two processes, allowing instant feedback regarding design decisions, enhancing the decision-making process and reducing time spent on the project. The result? Quicker design plans for the client, and a shorter end-to-end work process.
  • Easy identification of problems or errors with the design, leading to fewer mistakes once on-site, with an improved design process that can foresee problems in real-time–without having to waste precious resources, time, or money.
  • Simplifying the process of billing for materials, since the CAD program automatically–and quickly–calculates necessary building materials, costs, and so forth, eliminating the time consuming manual process of the past.

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