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Buy the Whole HVAC System, Not Just the Unit

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If one of your HVAC system components breaks down, it may be tempting to save money by only replacing that unit. Doing so can cost you more in the long run, though, in terms of energy consumption, reliability and comfort. Investing in a matched system is a wiser choice and here’s why:

Better Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of new equipment is tested and rated based on matching components, with the indoor evaporator and outdoor condenser/compressor working in tandem. If you replace just one half of the whole, the equipment may function, but it won’t provide the energy savings you’d gain with an efficient new system.

Greater Longevity

With a new system, you can expect many years of reliable service. Adding a new unit to an older system can cause problems with airflow and heat transfer that puts extra strain and wear on key components. This makes the entire HVAC system more prone to breakdowns, so you can end up paying for repairs or facing another costly replacement in the near future.

Enhanced Comfort

Mismatched components may not have the capacity needed to maintain comfort in your home. When you opt for a correctly-sized, matched system, you’ll gain the benefit of optimal temperature and humidity control so you can enjoy a more comfortable living environment.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

HVAC equipment manufacturers only cover defects on equipment if it’s properly installed. Even if your new unit fails during the normal warranty period, the manufacturer can refuse to replace if it was added to an existing system since it wasn’t installed to their specified standards.

Rebates and Credits

The energy efficiency rebates and income tax credits available for central HVAC systems only apply if all the components are purchased together, so you can lose out on potential savings if you only buy one half of a whole system.

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