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Building an Addition to Your Home? Try These HVAC Solutions

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As you move forward with designing a new addition, it’s a good idea to work with a heating and cooling contractor early on to find the best HVAC solutions for keeping the space comfortable. The type of system you select could have an impact on the design considerations and layout of the space.

System Extension

If your current HVAC system has enough capacity, extending it may be the most cost efficient solution. You and your HVAC contractor can assess your equipment to determine its suitability. The two most important considerations are the energy efficiency of the new addition, its size, and its distance from the existing ductwork.

System Replacement

When your existing HVAC system is old, requires frequent repairs, or inefficient, consider replacing it with a new system that’s capable of conditioning your existing home and the new addition. Newer equipment offers greater energy efficiency, which helps offset the costs associated with the upgrade.

Separate System

One of the safest and most energy efficient HVAC solutions for a new addition is to install a ductless mini split heat pump. These devices both heat and cool and operate independently from a central system. They use an air handler that sits on the floor, hangs from a wall or ceiling to deliver conditioned air. The mini split uses an outdoor condenser that can support up to four separate air handlers.

A mini split is fairly easy to install and is so energy efficient because it doesn’t use ducts to deliver the conditioned air. You can turn the system off when you’re not using the space. They run quietly and safely, since they do not require a combustion fuel to provide heat and won’t require any venting for exhaust gases.

Whether you replace, extend or install an independent system, the pros at Sobieski Services can help you find the best HVAC solutions for the space you’re planning.

Our goal is to help our customers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland learn more about home comfort and energy issues, especially HVAC and plumbing, to save money and live in healthier and comfortable homes.

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