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Boiler About to Bite the Dust? Know When to Replace

Boilers are essential workhorse systems that meet the steady heating load for many Wilmington area homes. However, if you suspect your system is just about spent, it’s better to start planning for a replacement system, rather than be forced into a hasty decision should your unit fail. Following are signs and clues that it’s time to replace your boiler and some great replacement options.

Age is a Factor

The service life of boilers averages 16 to 20 years. Even though boilers are known to exceed the average lifespan, if your system is near or within the average service life, start planning to replace it in the event of a catastrophic failure or an expensive repair.

Heating Bills Are Going Up

Home heating accounts for about half of the average home’s energy budget. The efficiency of your heating system plays a lead role in your monthly energy expenses. If your heating bill is increasing more quickly than fuel cost, your boiler may be losing efficiency. Consult with your HVAC professional about a lifetime cost analysis — an estimated energy and repair-costs savings with a new system.

Strange NoisesBoilers make noise. That’s the nature of their function. However, you should be concerned about excessive banging, popping or clanging. It could be that your system just needs to be cleaned and/or a part replaced. Bring in your HVAC pro to assess the condition of your boiler to help you determine if replacing sooner rather than later is your better option.

Replacement Options

Your heating replacement options include retrofitting your existing boiler or installing a brand new system with better energy efficiency — and a new manufacturer warranty. When you talk to your HVAC pro about conducting a lifetime cost analysis, ask about home efficiency upgrades that can lighten the load on your retrofitted or new boiler, and on your pocketbook!

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