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Beware the Common Summer Plumbing Problems

As the warmer weather draws near, common summer plumbing problems can occur. Although most of us don’t think about plumbing during the summer months, problems with condensation, too much rain, and plumbing overuse are often an issue. Here are some tips to avoid plumbing problems this summer.

Avoid sewer line backups. Keep your sewer lines clear this summer by having a professional plumber come out and inspect your sewer lines for debris before there is a problem. With the abundant rain throughout the summer, and new tree root growth, sewer lines can get clogged quickly. Have your sewer lines inspected and cleaned out before the line has a backup. Don’t overuse the garbage disposal. In the summer, the kids are home and we all tend to cook out more.

Avoid putting items down the garbage disposal such as watermelon rinds, because they are difficult for the system to handle. A garbage disposal is not meant to handle larger items like corn cobs and leftover grease or oil should never go down the disposal. Too much food into the disposal will cause a clogging mess. Clogged toilets are a common summer plumbing problem. If you have children and they are home during the summer months, your toilets get used often.

Added to the extra usage is the fact that children will use too much toilet paper on occasion. Clogged toilets are more than a nuisance. Clogged toilets can create a mess that children accidentally get into and then they can become a health hazard. Avoid clogged toilets by teaching children to only use a little toilet paper and ask for help in the bathroom if they need it. Do not let children play unattended in the bathroom. Avoid common summer plumbing problems by paying attention to how you are treating your plumbing system.

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