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Best Places to Install Security Cameras Around Your Office

It’s impossible to be everywhere in your business at once, but that doesn’t stop problems from popping up while you’re not around. By strategically placing security cameras around your office, you can still keep an eye on things even when you can’t be there in person. The best places to install security cameras in an office aren’t just the areas where the work is done, but also a few spots you may not have thought of.

Entrances and Exits

Whether it’s a thief, a problematic customer or belligerent former employee, your regular entrances will be the first places they head for. A security camera near the entrance alerts your employees to a visitor’s presence before that visitor has a chance to get further into the building.

Entrances and exits are also prime opportunities to capture clear images of a person’s face, which will be useful if you need to identify the person later. For the clearest images, install cameras facing inside, rather than toward the doors. This prevents the image from being washed out by the flood of light that enters when the door is opened.

Reception Area

This is one of the first and most important points where your customers interact with your business, so monitoring what happens here can do a lot to keep everything running smoothly. This is particularly true if there’s a cash register at your reception desk. Because obvious security cameras can feel threatening, choose designs that blend in with the decor. Hidden cameras, which often look like clocks or lighting fixtures, are available, but laws in some localities prohibit their use.

Work Areas

The main work spaces are among the best places to install security cameras in an office, and that’s not just because they’ll catch employees who waste time. Should you receive any complaints of a hostile work environment, you’ll have everything on film so you can see what’s going wrong. You’ll be able to resolve the situation more quickly than by relying on hearsay, and you could save yourself from a lawsuit.

Storage Areas

These are some of the more obvious places to install security cameras in an office, but they’re still frequently overlooked. It’s not just your supply rooms and warehouses that should be protected from employee theft. Any area where you store sensitive information on paper or in electronic form should also be monitored by a security camera. Mount the cameras high enough that they can look down into your filing cabinets and drawers.

Loading Docks

It’s not uncommon for thieves to rush past loading docks and pick items off parked delivery trucks. Conspicuously positioned security cameras act as a deterrent and, if items are stolen, provide the identifying images police need to track down the thief. The physical labor involved in loading and unloading heavy items poses the risk of injury, which is another good reason to monitor the area. You’ll be able to ensure workers handle your inventory safely and you’ll have the information necessary to protect yourself from false worker’s compensation claims.

Hidden Areas

The parts of your business that are out of view and rarely visited by employees are naturally attractive to people who are up to no good. These areas include not just indoor spaces, but also the back alley and dumpsters behind your business and your parking lot.

Setting up security cameras to monitor these areas discourages vandalism and help your employees feel safer when they need to pass through. It can also help you reduce theft. Thieves have been known to toss stolen items in the dumpster during the work day and retrieve them after work.

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