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The Benefits of Modulating Furnaces

Just as other HVAC technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds, furnace technology has advanced too. Furnaces now come with the option of having single-stage, double-stage or modulating operation. If you’re in the market for a new heating system, you may want to consider the latter. Take a look at the benefits that modulating furnaces have to offer.


A single-stage furnace only has the “off” and “high” settings, so it blasts warm air one moment and shuts off the next. This can cause cold spots and make you uncomfortable quickly.

A modulating furnace has incremental settings that make the room temperature never go beyond one or two degrees from the target temperature. This results in more comfortable spaces.

Energy Savings

Modulating furnaces consume less energy than single and double stage furnaces because their valve and blower rarely operate at full capacity. They have the best operating efficiency, with AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings of 80 to 98 percent. They also use less electricity to distribute air. If you pair a modulating furnace with your air conditioning system, you can enjoy additional energy savings by reducing humidity and the need to lower your thermostat during the cooling season.

Cost Efficient

A modulating furnace can reach a peak efficiency of 98 percent AFUE, meaning nearly all the fuel you buy is used to warm your home. It uses fuel more efficiently than the other types, thus reduces your energy costs. As a result, you can recoup your extra investment over the system’s lifetime.

Quiet Operation

The blower of a modulating furnace runs more frequently and at a lower speed. As a result, it’s quieter than a standard furnace.

While modulating furnaces have higher initial costs than others, the greater comfort and efficiency they achieve make them worth the extra investment. Contact us at Sobieski Services, Inc. to learn more about modulating furnaces.

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