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Beneficial Office Building Security Tips for Your Business

If you own an office building, security is important to both your tenants and personnel. While burglars most often target shopping centers, gated communities and department stores, the reports of theft, burglary and vandalism against smaller office buildings are on the rise.

  • Criminals probably assume that smaller businesses and offices are unprotected. Whatever the reason, these office building security tips may help you prevent a crime against your property.
  • By adding a gatekeeper and limiting access to just a couple of doors, you can control who comes in your building. It may be a security guard or a receptionist behind a desk, but whoever it is should have an emergency assist button on hand.
  • If your building has wooden doors, look into replacing them with solid core steel or fiberglass doors, without glass windows. High quality locks provide the highest level of security. Also, make sure to secure the roof and other access doors.
  • Instruct employees to keep their personal belongings secure and locked in a desk or cabinet when they leave the office, or to lock the door when exiting the office.
  • If you own a large building with numerous tenants, look into purchasing identity badges for all personnel.
  • Personal belongings aren’t the only things at risk in an office building. You also want to protect confidential information and important data. Tell employees to lock their computers when they leave the office, and when they leave for the day, to lock files and drawers. Make sure confidential documents are shredded rather than throwing them away.
  • Limit the number of master keys given out. If master keys go missing, the security of your entire building is compromised. Better yet, switch to an electronic system with PIN pads or key cards. That way, you can reprogram the system if key cards are lost or missing.
  • Leave interior lights on.
  • Well-maintained properties are less likely to be vandalized or burglarized than those that are not well maintained.
  • Keep weeds down, remove graffiti and debris and make sure all light fixtures are working.
  • Do you have a supply yard? Set up a tall fence or barbed wire around it. Security cameras in parking lots and around outdoor facilities can be monitored by a security guard or other personnel while they’re indoors.
  • If some of your employees work late, you’re responsible for their security when they go to and from their cars. Make sure the parking lot is well lit, keeping trees and shrubs and other hiding places to a minimum. It’s best not to leave employees in the building alone. As such, video cameras are also a good security measure.

Consider hiring security personnel during the evenings when your building is unoccupied. You most likely already have some sort of security system in place, but if you don’t, here are some types to consider:

  • Monitored systems – Calls a contact center.
  • Unmonitored – Sets up an alarm and flashing lights or floodlights.
  • Motion detection with lights and a loud alarm -Can be set up to monitor areas, such as any rooms that approach a window or door.
  • Wireless systems – Features cameras, sensors and motion detectors, as well as flashing lights and alarms. This type is inexpensive and can be easily set up.

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