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Are You Still Following These Home Cooling Myths?

Keeping your home cool while conserving energy may seem impossible, but it can be done. You just need to make sure you know the truth regarding energy saving practices. Following are five home cooling myths to avoid.

Fans Cool

A fan moves air, but it doesn’t lower the temperature. You feel cooler when fans are on because the breeze helps sweat evaporate, and this is known as the wind chill effect. Run a ceiling fan when there are occupants present, but turn it off when they leave to avoid wasting energy.

Closing Vents Saves Energy

Your air conditioner will continue to push the same amount of cooled air into the rooms of your home; closing off vents only means that you’re straining the system.

Turning the Thermostat Down Several Degrees Cools Faster

This is one of the most common home cooling myths. Most central air units use single speed air handlers, which cool at one specific rate. The temperature will lower to the setting you chose, but will do so at the same rate, no matter the temperature setting. An exception is if your air conditioner is equipped with a variable-speed air handler, which operates continuously and adjusts speed according to when the temperature setting is achieved.

It’s Better to Turn Off the A/C While You’re Away

This seems like it would save a lot of energy, but the truth is your air conditioner has to work harder to bring the temperature down to a comfortable level. A better solution is to install a programmable thermostat and then program it to adjust temperature according to when you are home or away.

It’s the Air Conditioner’s Fault if the Home Isn’t Cool

Before you buy a new unit, check possible sources of heat gain, such as insufficient insulation, inadequate window treatments and air leaks.

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