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Answers to Plumbing FAQs

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Many plumbing problems can be resolved without calling your plumber for a repair call. If you’re having plumbing issues, read through these plumbing FAQs for the answer.

Q: How do I stop my toilet from running?

A: Remove the tank lid to see if the chain is blocking the flapper. Mineral buildup may be breaking the seal between the flapper and the valve seat, causing the toilet leak. Replace the flush valve assembly (i.e. flapper and valve seat).

Q: How do I get rid of odors in my garbage disposal?

A: Place several ice cubes and orange or lemon peels in the disposal. Run it for one minute, turning on the cold water tap halfway through.

Q: My hot water is too hot! What do I do?

A: On gas models, turn back the dial located on the gas valve. For electric models, remove the panels covering the temperature dials. Turn back the dials a bit. Slightly adjust daily until your hot water is just right.

Q: Bubbles and water come up through my shower drain when I run the washing machine. What’s going on?

A: Three common reasons are (1) your septic tank may need to be pumped, (2) the sewer pipe has a break, and (3) the main drain line may be plugged.

Q: My clothes washer takes forever to fill with water. Why is that?

A: Turn off the water inlet valves behind the washer. Remove the hoses. Remove the screens and clean them.

Q: Why does my home’s plumbing groan and honk?

A: Turn off the water main. Turn on all of the taps in your home. Turn on the water main, and then turn off each tap. This should fix the “air cushion” problem and get rid of your noisy plumbing issues.

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