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Always Be Prepared with a Backup Sump Pump

With the wet summer the greater Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania area has just experienced, you still can’t relax because there is even more rainfall expected during the fall. A sump pump is meant to keep your home dry, but with all the rain and storms to come, as well as the eventual snow melt, will you be completely prepared?

How Exactly Does a Sump Pump Work?

A sump pump is installed into a deep pit that’s dug in your home’s lowest spot — either in a basement or crawl space. The pump contains a sensor that alerts it to switch on when a set water level has been exceeded. When the sump pump turns on it, it extracts the water into your home’s drainage system. When it works, you’re safe, but what happens if it fails due to a power outage or some other reason?

Why Do I Need a Backup Sump Pump?

Your sump pump is meant to protect your home from the threat of various water sources from the outside, and even the inside. Although your main sump pump is intended to shield your home from flooding, there are still several reasons why a backup sump pump is needed for optimal protection.

  • Protection Against Malfunctions
  • Since your sump pump is located in such a remote part of your home, it’s unlikely that you check on it with any consistency. In fact, you might even forget to have a professional maintain it. This frequently leads to clogs or a jammed float switch that isn’t noticed until your basement actually starts flooding. Having a backup sump pump will ensure you’re protected against these unexpected surprises.

  • Defense Against Power Outages
  • Flooding will usually occur during some kind of rainfall or storm, so if your main sump pump relies on electricity from the grid, what will happen when the power goes out? Having a battery operated backup sump pump will continue defending your home even in the event of a grid power outage.

  • Additional Security
  • Even if the power stays on and your primary sump pump is working, you might still experience issues if the volume of water entering your home exceeds one pump’s capacity. Your backup sump pump will be able to pick up the slack and work together with your main pump to keep your home dry and protected.

Protect Your Home from Water Damage & Flooding with Sobieski

With all the hurricanes and tropical storms that are making their way up the coast, are you willing to risk your home and property? At Sobieski, our certified experts can help you protect your DE, MD, or PA home from flooding and offer you peace of mind by installing a backup sump pump.

Don’t get caught with unexpected flooding — get a backup sump pump and be prepared. Contact us or call 866-477-4404 to schedule an appointment today!

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