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All About Air Balancing

Your furnace and A/C work hard to keep you comfortable during the winter and summer. However, if certain rooms in your home aren’t receiving enough airflow, your comfort is always going to be mediocre at best without making changes. Your choices are to make due with uncomfortable rooms, pay higher energy bills by running your HVAC system longer or, better yet, call your HVAC pro for an air balancing assessment.

What is Air Balancing?

In the simplest terms, air balancing is the process of making adjustments, repairs and/or modifications to your HVAC system to ensure airflow is evenly distributed through your home. The process may involve repairing ductwork, installing duct dampers or retrofitting old duct systems so that they are properly sized and installed to HVAC industry best practices.

What are the Benefits?

Professional air balancing offers you important benefits every time you turn on your furnace and A/C systems:

  • Save energy: Balanced HVAC systems distribute airflow more efficiently. This means you save energy and money. For example, perhaps you have a few duct leaks or damaged ducts. With an assessment and subsequent ductwork repair, your energy dollars are sending conditioned airflow where it belongs — in your living spaces.
  • Better comfort: Balanced airflow helps eliminate those frustrating hot and cold spots in your home.
  • Service life: Air balancing may remove substantial stress and airflow restrictions from your HVAC system. The nice side effect of reduced HVAC strain is a lighter workload, fewer repairs and a prolonged service.

Home Assessment

Your HVAC technician starts with a visual inspection of your HVAC system and the rooms of your home. Trouble spots are identified, such as hot/cold rooms, and any ductwork deficiencies. Specialized tools and equipment are used to assess airflow pressure, temperature and humidity. You’ll receive a printout and suggestions to make your home more comfortable and efficient.

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