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Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Air Filter

Your cooling system is comprised of sensitive and complicated components, so when problems develop, they often need a professional solution. Fortunately, there are usually warning signs when a serious issue is brewing. Knowing some air conditioner troubleshooting basics can help you can catch these problems early on.

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Tips for Specific Issues

  • Low refrigerant level — If your A/C cycles on but doesn’t produce any cold air, low refrigerant may be the root cause. Insufficient system airflow is another possibility, so address this first by replacing the air filter, checking that the registers are all open and unobstructed, clearing away yard debris around the outdoor unit and gently hosing down the condenser coil. If the problem persists, call your HVAC pro because running the system without enough refrigerant can ruin the compressor.
  • Electrical control failure — Repeated on-off cycling can cause a fan or compressor control failure and leave you without an A/C unexpected. Airflow restrictions can also cause short-cycling so check for this first. If airflow isn’t the problem, have an experienced HVAC technician look for other issues, like corroded wiring or terminals, a dirty evaporator coil or a problematic thermostat.
  • Condensate drain malfunctions — Problems with the condensate drain system can lead to a water backup and significant property damage. To avert this, do periodic checks during the cooling season to make sure that condensate is flowing freely through the drain line. If you see a puddle beneath the air handler, have a technician check for a poorly-installed/clogged drain line or a missing or damaged condensate pan.
  • Oversized equipment — An A/C with too much capacity can produce a variety of symptoms including short-cycling, high energy bills, and poor temperature and humidity control. The only solution is to have an HVAC pro perform a detailed load calculation and advise you whether the cooling equipment needs replacement.

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