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Advantages of Installing a Backup Sump Pump for Your Home

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If you’ve experienced basement flooding issues in your home, you may already have a sump pump installed. On guard 24/7 against ground water infiltrating through the foundation or a sudden inundation due to outdoor flooding, a sump pump provides vital protection to prevent chronic or acute water damage. As water enters the sump basin in the basement, a sensor activates the pump. Water is pumped through a pipe up and out of the basement to a discharge point, usually somewhere in the backyard. As the basin empties, the sensor automatically shuts off the pump.

Why Two Are Better

There’s no question you need a sump pump to prevent water damage. However, is one enough? The fact is, many of the scenarios that create the urgent need for a sump pump—extreme weather with flooding, for example—may also interrupt electrical power to your home, causing that pump to fail just when you need it most. In other cases, the electricity may remain on but the primary pump itself may fail for other reasons. Because sump pumps are installed inside a covered basin in the basement floor, generally out of sight of occupants, malfunction of the primary unit due to mechanical issues can occur silently without being noticed.

Hours of Extra Protection

A backup sump pump utilizes your existing sump basin and discharge line. However, the backup is otherwise completely redundant and includes a dedicated pump, float switch and, most importantly, independent power source. Unlike the AC-powered primary pump, the back-up pump is typically powered by a deep cycle 12-volt battery maintained in a continuous state of charge by a trickle charger. Depending on the speed and volume of water entering your basement, a typical 12-volt backup system will usually keep the basement dry for 12 hours to 50 hours before the battery is discharged.

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