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Added Insurance — An HVAC Maintenance or Security Warranty is Not Just for Your Home

Unexpected repair costs for the HVAC equipment in your commercial facility can take a big bite out of your company’s monthly operating budget. What’s worse, there can sometimes be scheduling delays that prevent your HVAC contractor from responding immediately to your request for repair. In cases where the contractor makes an emergency call, the costs can be significantly higher than a normal repair visit. You can alleviate these problems by purchasing an HVAC maintenance plan or service contract that will provide you with benefits such as lower repair costs, immediate emergency repair, and guaranteed maintenance and service.

The Nature of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance agreements, sometimes called service contracts or maintenance contracts, are binding agreements between you and your HVAC services provider. These contracts provide for a specified group of services and benefits that your HVAC professional guarantees. Maintenance agreements must usually be purchased separately and are an expense separate from normal maintenance and repair costs.

However, the security, convenience, and peace of mind offered by these agreements often make them more than worth the additional expense. In some cases, a business owner may choose to cover HVAC repairs through a maintenance or security warranty or through the warranty on the equipment itself. This can work, but a warranty of this type is not designed to respond to the need for emergency repairs. A maintenance agreement or service contract provides the best solution for keeping your HVAC systems online and working when they’re needed.

Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Contract

When you purchase an HVAC maintenance contract from your local trusted HVAC service provider, you’re buying a specified set of guaranteed services that will be provided under defined conditions. In general, you can expect a service agreement to give you benefits such as:

  • Lower repair costs: A service agreement typically provides for discounted parts and labor for covered repairs. In contrast, relying on warranties for repairs could increase costs, especially if there is a deductible that must be met or other restrictions on the warranty.
  • Guaranteed emergency service: Maintenance contracts usually include provisions for guaranteed emergency service and repair when your HVAC equipment breaks down, even in the middle of the night. This can include twenty-four hour service, a guaranteed response time, or other benefit that ensures your HVAC system will be fixed as quickly as possible. Repairs made under warranties do not necessarily offer this type of benefit.
  • Priority service: Service contracts can also provide for priority service that ensures your repairs will be made quickly and ahead of other customers who do not have an agreement. In many cases, HVAC companies guarantee same-day service for customers with a security agreement. Warranty repairs usually do not get high priority and can sometimes take several days or longer to schedule.
  • Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance: Service contracts usually include a clearly defined set of preventive maintenance checks and services. For example, a service agreement might entitle you to pre-season maintenance for both your heating and cooling systems. In most cases, responsibility for scheduling the appointment falls on your HVAC company, who will contact you when it’s time for the maintenance visit. Warranties typically do not provide for this type of preventive maintenance and inspections.
  • Peace of mind: For many business owners, the assurance that HVAC system repairs will be made promptly is the biggest benefit of an HVAC maintenance plan. A broken-down furnace or air conditioner can seriously impede business, whether in a retail establishment, an industrial facility, or an office suite. By purchasing a service contract, you’ll know what to expect from your HVAC services provider and will be guaranteed fast, reliable service.

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