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8 Silly Halloween Jokes For The Whole Family

Happy Halloween! Enjoy these eight silly halloween-inspired jokes fit for the whole family.

How do ghosts get to the second floor?

  • They take the scares! [Tweet this!] What do ghosts put on their cereal?
  • Boo-berries! [Tweet this!] Where do mummies go for a swim?
  • The Dead Sea! [Tweet this!] Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?
  • He didn’t have the guts to do it! [Tweet this!] What is a mummy’s favorite type of music?
  • Wrap! [Tweet this!] What do skeletons always order at a restaurant?
  • Spare ribs! [Tweet this!] Who won the skeleton beauty contest?
  • No-body! [Tweet this!] What’s a ghost’s favorite game?
  • Hide and shriek! [Tweet this!] We hope your family gets a good laugh (and maybe even a few shrieks!) out of these silly, spooky halloween jokes.

Remember to be safe when out and about trick-or-treating on Halloween night. From all of us at Sobieski Services, Happy Halloween!!!

Image Credit: Pink Sherbert

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