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7 Tips for Keeping Your Garbage Disposal in Top Shape

A garbage disposal, or waste disposal unit, can be quite useful in the kitchen. Yet, many homeowners neglect this important device for shredding food waste. Disposals are certainly powerful devices, but they require regular maintenance and careful use.

Be Careful What You Dispose

The capacity for hard objects will vary by model, so consult your manual. If you need to dispose of harder objects, it’s best to toss them in the trash or compost, as they will dull or jam the shredder. Avoid fibrous or starchy items that create difficult drain blockages.

  • Never place trash or foreign objects into the disposal, including paper, plastic, fabric, hair, or grease.
  • Avoid hard shells, corn kernels, and hard bones, seeds & pits.
  • Chop up or place in the trash: fibrous fruit and vegetable peels, celery and artichokes, potato peels, corn husks and cobs, onion skins, egg shells, and coffee grounds, in large amounts.

Using Your Disposal

There are a few things you can do to prevent problems with your garbage disposal. Firstly, chop up any large items, and dispose of them one at a time. Second, run cold water while using the disposal, and leave both running for about a minute after you’ve cleared the drain. This will help waste flow through the pipes and prevent the disposal’s motor, bearings, and shredder from overheating.


It is important to regularly maintain your disposal, or even have regular drain cleaning. For one, wipe the inner side of rubber that leads into it. In addition, grinding ice in it will knock off debris buildup and help the shredder grind. Adding lemon juice, vinegar, or a biodegradeable cleanser will increase cleaning power, but avoid reusing the ice trays for other purposes. If you have any citrus rinds handy, put them down the disposal in slices to freshen up your kitchen.

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