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6 Energy-Saving Myths and What You Should Do Instead

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When you’re looking to cut down on energy use, keep in mind that there are several misconceptions. Discover the truth behind some common energy-saving myths.

Myth #1: Crank the Heat for Quicker Heating

Turning your thermostat up won’t help you save energy by heating your home faster. Instead, your furnace runs at full capacity for a longer time, which uses more energy. Setting your thermostat a few degrees lower will keep you warm while reducing your energy use.

Myth #2: Keep Electronics On to Save Energy

One of the most common energy-saving myths is that allowing computers and other electronic devices run continuously instead of shutting them on and off saves energy, but the opposite is true. Electronic devices are more efficient today, so turning them on and off doesn’t use a lot of energy.

Myth #3: Close Air Vents to Reduce Energy Use

Closing vents in unused rooms makes your HVAC system run for longer periods of time, leading to more energy use and additional wear and tear. Keep vents open throughout your home, so your HVAC system won’t run as much.

Myth #4: Leave the Thermostat at the Same Temperature

Leaving the thermostat set at the same temperature uses more energy. To cut down, set your thermostat a few degrees higher in summer and a few degrees lower in winter when you’re out or at night.

Myth #5: Use a Fireplace to Heat Your Home

Relying on a fireplace for heat isn’t an energy-efficient way to heat your home. When using your fireplace, you have to keep the damper open to vent gases, which lets cold air in.

Myth #6: Run a Ceiling Fan Constantly for a Cooler Room

Leaving a ceiling fan on makes the room’s occupants feel cooler, but it doesn’t lower the temperature. Having an energy-efficient cooling system installed keeps rooms cool without using a lot of energy.

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