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5 Ways New Jersey Homeowners Can Prevent Dirty Ductwork

Why should you be concerned about preventing dirty ductwork? It’s out of sight, so what harm can a little dirt do? However, depending on the state of your health, preventing dirty ductwork may be crucial. Here’s why:

Dirty Ductwork Problems

Dirty ductwork can actually impact you in three major ways:

  • Aggravating health problems
  • Diminishing indoor air quality
  • Affecting the efficiency of your HVAC system Ductwork may harbor dust, mold and insect or rodent droppings.

Breathing particles from any of these sources can aggravate allergies or other respiratory problems. Mold in ductwork can be unpleasant and even dangerous to breathe. Since conditioned air recirculates several times a day in your HVAC system, you may be breathing the same contaminants over and over again. What’s more, a buildup of contaminants on the walls of your ducts can affect airflow, slowing your system down and possibly affecting its performance and necessitating repairs.

Prevention Before Problems

There are several things you can do before dirty ductwork becomes a problem:

  • If you’re planning a renovation or construction project in your home, make sure the ductwork is sealed so no debris can get in.
  • Clean your home regularly and thoroughly by using damp mops or wipes to clean. You should also vacuum regularly.
  • If your air intake is located near a problem area, like a bathroom that tends to sprout mold, the mold may get into your ductwork. You should address these problem areas at the source.
  • Preventive HVAC maintenance, when done properly, will involve cleaning parts, keeping them free of dirt, mold and other contaminants. New ductwork should be cleaned prior to installation.
  • Consider a ductwork inspection. A qualified HVAC expert should be consulted every few years (depending on how much dust, moisture and other factors are generated in the home) for an evaluation and advice about cleaning.

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