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5 Ways to Eliminate Energy Waste

One of the top budget-breakers for a commercial establishment is wasted energy. Electrical power, heating and cooling, and resources to keep the company in business are essential, but all of these areas present the possibility of expensive and unnecessary energy waste. Here are five effective ways to address energy waste and stop the drain on resources that they can represent.

1. Maintain your HVAC system

Preventive maintenance is absolutely vital to keeping your heating and cooling systems working properly and at their highest level of efficiency. When furnaces, air conditioners, boilers, and heat pumps are neglected, they lose operational capacity and efficiency. They consume more fuel or electricity to achieve the same result, which causes significant energy waste. With indoor comfort costs account for 40 percent or more of monthly expenses, any inefficiencies or wasted energy in your HVAC systems will have a noticeable affect on regular costs. Regular preventive maintenance allows a qualified HVAC professional the opportunity to inspect your HVAC equipment, make minor repairs and adjustments where necessary, and boost the performance and efficiency of the system.

2. Change HVAC Air Filters

Along with HVAC maintenance, make sure the system’s air filters are changed regularly. The filters remove particulates and related contaminants from your indoor air, trapping and holding this material as air circulates through the HVAC system. When air filters get dirty and clogged, they can no longer effectively remove these particulates. Dirty air filters interrupt airflow and impose unnecessary stress on the equipment, which causes it to work harder and use more energy. In general, air filters should be checked at least monthly and changed when they get dirty. At the height of heating and cooling seasons, more frequent air filter changes are advisable. You may also need to check and change filters more often if your indoor air tends to have more particulates than usual due to business functions or operations.

3. Use programmable thermostats

Programmable thermostats are electronic controllers that let you control, with considerable precision, the operation of your heating and cooling systems. They provide pre-programmed set points, which are temperature settings that are attained automatically and which save significant amounts of energy. For example, a programmable thermostat can be set to reduce indoor temperatures at night after closing time, but automatically restart the HVAC system in the morning to ensure your commercial spaces are at a comfortable temperature before opening for the day’s business.

4. Seal air leaks and add insulation

Air leaks and heat loss are major sources of energy waste in any commercial structure.

To prevent this problem:

  • Find and seal cracks, gaps, holes, and openings in the walls, attic, foundation, or roof of the building
  • Use silicone caulking or other appropriate material to seal around glass panes in doors and windows.
  • Add weatherstripping or other seals to doors and windows to prevent drafts.
  • Make sure all sections of HVAC ductwork at connected tightly and that the joints and connections are sealed with mastic or metal tape.
  • Insulate walls, attics, roofs, and other areas where heat loss or infiltration can occur.
  • Insulate the HVAC ductwork and equipment such as water heaters to prevent energy loss.

5. Reduce heat gain

Heat gain through the windows of your building can cause energy waste by putting more demands on your cooling equipment. Heat gain occurs when sunlight enters your structure and increases indoor temperatures. You can reduce heat gain by:

  • Installing adjustable shades or window blinds to block sunlight when necessary.
  • Adding window treatments and films that block sunlight or reflect it away from your windows.
  • Constructing awnings that shade windows and prevent sunlight from reaching them.

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