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5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Heating System

Your heating system is a significant investment in your home — make sure it lasts as long as possible with these five tips.

1. Make sure your HVAC system is sized properly during installation

One of the largest influences on how long your heating system lasts is whether or not it is properly sized for your home. The best thing you can do when you’re having a new system installed is to make sure that it’s being sized appropriately with a heating load calculation. This will ensure that the system’s lifespan is maximized and that it heats your home effectively.

2. Schedule regular maintenance

When you want your vehicle to last, you make sure it is regularly serviced with frequent oil changes. The same logic applies to your heating system.

Catching small issues early before they turn into anything significant, and having everything tuned-up for optimal performance is important if you want your system to last. Your heating system should be tuned-up by a professional HVAC contractor annually. The most convenient and cost-effective option for HVAC maintenance is to purchase a service agreement.

3. Clean and change the air filter

A dirty, clogged filter doesn’t only affect your heating system’s ability to keep you warm — it also worsens your home’s indoor air quality.

Keep your home warm, your indoor air quality healthy, and your heating system’s life long by cleaning and changing the air filter every month during the heating season.

4. Pay attention to the thermostat

When it’s cold and snowy outside, all you want to do is come home to a warm home — but remember there’s a difference between warm and hot.

For comfort and energy savings, your thermostat should be set to 68 degrees when you’re home, and a bit lower for the night or when you’re out. Having your heating system blasting to 76 degrees around the clock won’t only unnecessarily exert it, but you’ll also end up paying the price on your heating bills.

5. Don’t put all the strain on your heating system

Your heating system shouldn’t be the only thing keeping your home comfortable when it’s cold outside. For example, if your home isn’t air sealed or well-insulated, you’ll be chilly no matter what.

Also, make sure you dress appropriately while at home. It shouldn’t be out of the question to wear a long sleeve shirt during the winter. If you have ceiling fans, to stay warmer during the winter you can switch the direction in which they rotate to help circulate warm air.

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All of these tips will help you stay more comfortable during the colder months and extend the life of your heating system, so that you can have peace of mind from unexpected breakdowns and premature replacement costs. However, if your system does break down or if it needs maintenance or replacement, the trained technicians at Sobieski are here to help.

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