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5 Things to Know About Ductless Mini Splits

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For some commercial HVAC clients, a standard heating or cooling system may not be the best choice. There may be issues with available space, efficiency needs, room configuration, or even with interior design considerations. A standard furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner might not be able to overcome these challenges. Fortunately, there is an option available that provides exceptional flexibility, efficiency, and ease of installation. A ductless mini split can be a viable option where other types of HVAC equipment won’t work. Here are five things you should know about mini splits.

1. A Ductless Mini Split Provides Heating and Cooling

A ductless mini split consists of an outdoor heat pump unit connected to four or more indoor air handling units. The indoor units are connected by a conduit that contains power lines, drain pipes, and refrigerant lines. Mini splits require no ductwork for distribution of warm and cool air. The indoor air handlers take care of that task. Since mini splits are based on a heat pump, they can provide both heating and cooling for an indoor space. In essence, the heat pump removes heat from the indoor environment to provide cooling during the summer and brings in heat from the outdoor spaces to provide warmth during the winter.

Their restrictions are minimal and are equivalent to those of heat pumps. For example, mini splits lose effectiveness when the outdoor temperatures drop below the freezing mark. However, in most environments, a ductless mini split will provide excellent heating and cooling.

2. A Ductless Mini Split is Efficient

Because mini splits are based on the operation of a heat pump, they are extremely energy efficient. Their operating costs will generally be significantly lower than a furnace or air conditioner. Since they don’t use ducts, there is no chance of the types of air leaks or energy loss that can waste both energy and money, driving up costs in a ducted system. They allow you to put heating or cooling exactly where it’s needed, which eliminates the possibility of heating or cooling a larger space than required.

Much as you would with a larger heat pump system, you can expect to recover the costs of a ductless mini split through monthly savings on your heating and cooling bills.

3. A Ductless Mini Split is Flexible

The placement of the indoor air handling units of a ductless mini split is limited only by the length of the cables and pipes that connect it to the outdoor heat pump unit. This means that the air handling units, and associated heating and cooling, can be placed practically anywhere you want it or need it. If you need more heating or cooling in a particular space, you can install more than one air handler in that area.

Mini splits are an excellent choice for zoning systems in which an indoor space is segmented into individual areas, or zones, that receiving heating and cooling separate from surrounding zones. Each air handler has its own thermostat, which allows a precise level of temperature control.

4. A Ductless Mini Split is Easier to Install

Since mini splits do not require an extensive network of ducts to function, they are easier to install than ducted heat pump systems. The conduit containing the power cables and refrigerant lines will require about a 3-inch hole in the wall.

5. A Ductless Mini Split Supports Room Design

The air handling units can be attached to a wall, hung from the ceiling, or placed in a spot out of the way. This means that they can be incorporated into room design if desired, or can be placed so that they are hardly noticeable.

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