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5 Steps to Help Improve the Security of Your Commercial Building

Security is a critical element that can’t be ignored. Even if excess news coverage makes the more extreme events seem more common than they actually are, most companies choose to err on the side of caution and impose thorough security measures. Here are five ways you can improve the security of your commercial building and make the structure, its contents and occupants safer.

Assess and Compensate for Your Vulnerable Areas

Many commercial buildings are going to have areas that are more vulnerable to crime, security violations or other problems. As you work to improve the security of your commercial building, locate those vulnerable areas and determine how they can be made more secure. For example, you may have an outdoor break area or walkway that’s shielded by trees or shrubs. This vegetation may give a potential assailant or intruder a place to hide while waiting for the chance to act. Isolated areas or spots where visual access is blocked by the building or other structures can be prime locations for potential crime. Doors, windows or gates that can’t be easily seen could be just what an intruder wants to find. Have your security expert perform a risk assessment on your building, or hire a private contractor to conduct the job.

Make the Best Use of Technology

Modern security technology provides highly effective options to augment the efforts of a security team. Security cameras provide a means for staff to visually monitor remote or isolated areas. Cameras also allow security personnel to expand their reach and cover more areas than they could physically. Motion sensors can be used to turn lights on in certain areas, while other types of detectors can automatically turn on security lights when it gets dark. Alarms remain an effective element of building security. They can be tied into a variety of sensors and controls that determine when they go off.

Install Talking Security Cameras

A particularly useful component of modern security technology is the talking security camera. Cameras with a voice can be particularly intimidating to potential criminals. For example, when an intruder is detected, these cameras can give audible warnings, such as “You are being recorded and watched on camera. Security personnel have been notified and are on their way.”

Enforce Security Procedures

Make sure the occupants of the building are thoroughly instructed in your safety and security procedures and, more importantly, that they follow these procedures consistently. For example, if you have a badge access system, make sure that only authorized badge holders gain access to restricted areas of the building. Don’t let other employees piggyback on another employee’s badge and get in without showing their own. Don’t let unknown or unauthorized personnel enter a restricted area by entering after a badgeholder. Make sure employees know what to do if they encounter an unknown person in their area. Companies often encourage friendly challenges to unknown individuals, such as “Can I help you?” or “Is there someone you’re looking for?” Report suspicious individuals or activity to proper security authorities.

Take Care of Routine Security Maintenance

Security systems won’t improve the security of your commercial building if they’re not in proper working order. Make sure routine preventive maintenance and needed repairs are made to security systems. Electronic systems should be tested and checked according to manufacturers’ instructions. Make sure locks, doorways, windows, gates and similar security barriers are kept in good working order. Make sure repairs or replacements are made as soon as possible after a problem is discovered.

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