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The 5 Most Common HVAC Problems

When your HVAC system isn’t cooling your home efficiently and comfortably, there’s a big problem requiring maintenance, troubleshooting or repair. If you think the problem is right at your fingertips, try your hand at these 5 most common HVAC problems and solutions.

Noisy Air Vents

Noisy air vents are sure signs of trouble. Rattling and clamoring noises are often caused by loose ductwork connections. Wrap those rattling ducts with metal tape before they drain your wallet.

Loud pops and bangs are usually ductwork expansion and contraction due to temperature variances. Make sure your ducts are well insulated.

Frozen Evaporator

Ice buildup on the evaporator coil brings home cooling to a halt — even though your A/C may still run and run. Dirt buildup on the evaporator is a common problem for ice accumulation. Clean the evaporator with a spray can of self-rinse coil cleaner.

High Indoor Humidity

High indoor humidity is one of the most common HVAC and indoor air quality problems during the cooling months. The only practical way to control high humidity in your home is with a dehumidifier. This could be a portable unit, or install a whole-home dehumidifier for optimal results, comfort and efficiency.

Water Leaks

Your central air system produces an unbelievable amount of condensate during the cooling months. So, it’s quite common for the drainage system to become clogged and/or malfunction and spill water in your home. You can try to alleviate the clog with a shop-vac, but it’s better to call your HVAC technician right away.

Dirty Air Filter

Air filters are among the simplest HVAC devices. Yet, a dirty filter can cause a long list of expensive problems — including all of the preceding four most common HVAC problems. Moreover, running your HVAC system with a dirty filter drains your energy budget. Change your filter as suggested by the manufacturer.

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