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5 Important Principles of HVAC Air Duct Design

Your ductwork plays an important role in maintaining your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Good ductwork design can ensure your home is comfortable regardless of what the weather is like outside, while saving you money on heating and cooling costs. Here are just a few principles that guide modern HVAC air duct design:

  • Load Calculation: Every home has its own unique heat gain/loss properties. From sun exposure to the habits of those who live within your walls, many factors can determine your home’s HVAC load. Therefore, it’s important that your home’s heating and cooling load be measured precisely.
  • Choosing the Right System: In order to correctly design and size your ductwork, you should take the specifications of your HVAC system into account, as well as that of any other equipment.
  • Insulating Ducts in Unconditioned Areas: Ducts should be located within a home’s conditioned space. If your ducts have to go through areas that aren’t conditioned (like an attic or crawlspace), they should be insulated, since these areas are often exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • A Clear Path for Air: In order for a neutral air balance to be maintained in all rooms, it’s best for each of your rooms to have its own supply duct, as well as a dedicated return duct. If your dedicated return duct is not workable, then a central return in a hallway or another common area may be the best alternative.
  • Duct Segments Should be Sealed and Tested: Duct segments should be fastened together with sheet metal screws, and the joints should be sealed with either mastic, metal foil tape or a combination of the two. Your ducts should also be tested for leaks before being permanently connected to your HVAC equipment.

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