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5 Benefits of Installing a Ductless System in Your Home

Adding space is a great way to make yourself feel more comfortable at home. However, adding square footage alone won’t improve your comfort unless you also consider the heating and cooling demands your new space will require. For the following reasons, installing a ductless system is something you should consider as you go about planning the remodel of your home.

Benefits of Installing a Ductless System

  • Installing a ductless system is a quick and effective method of supplying treated air into your new space. It’s effectively a standalone unit that can provide both heating and cooling into your attic, master suite or family room without having to connect it to the ductwork within your home. This can be beneficial since your existing HVAC system may not be large enough to service the additional space without struggling.
  • Ductless systems provide ready cooling and heating. This is important especially if the air handler is a considerable distance from the addition. The added distance means you’ll be waiting for the treated air to reach the room. With a ductless system, you’ll enjoy immediate relief without the wait.
  • Ductless mini splits are cost-effective. The heat pump design on a ductless mini split requires very little energy to operate. There’s also no need to remodel and install ductwork within the space.
  • They’re small and quiet. Ductless systems are easy to place within rooms and don’t take up much space once they’re in place. Additionally, one of the primary benefits to consider is that their operational noise is minimal compared to other systems, which means they won’t disrupt the enjoyment of your new space.
  • Makes effective zoning possible. Ductless systems allow you to heat or cool your addition only when you want to use the room. This allows you to conserve electricity and make the maximum use of your energy dollars without sacrificing your comfort.

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