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3 Warning Signs You Should Call a Plumber for Pipe Repair

Leaky pipes don’t just cost you money by wasting water. The leaks can quickly grow into larger problems that endanger the health of you and your family, and the structure of your home.

Leaks create the perfect environment for mildew and mold growth, affecting indoor air quality. Drywall damage, wood rot, and eventual structural deterioration are a possibility when leaks and pipe concerns aren’t addressed immediately.

Don’t let a minor pipe issue that could be fixed with help from a professional plumber turn into a major construction project. Here are three things that you should keep an eye out for and address right away:

1. Poor Water Pressure

Decent water pressure is important for everyday tasks. If you’ve noticed that your home’s water pressure is gradually decreasing, this could be the indication of a larger problem.

Don’t struggle with poor water pressure! Have a plumber out as soon as possible to take a look. It might take a relatively small adjustment to get that water pressure back up, or it may involve some more extensive pipe repairs due to a leaky supply line. Be sure whatever the underlying issue is that’s it taken care of quickly.

2. Water Stains on Walls, Floors, or Ceilings

Water stains indicate that there’s moisture somewhere it shouldn’t be. Don’t risk mold growth from a tiny leak or serious water damage from a burst pipe — as soon as you spot a water stain, get your plumber on the phone. The sooner a leak is addressed, the less damage and expense you’ll have to deal with after the fact.

3. Outdated, Cracked, or Corroded Pipes

Take a look at your pipes, down in the basement or under a cabinet. If they look outdated, cracked, or corroded, they likely need repairs if not a complete replacement. Many homes were outfitted with galvanized steel water supply pipes prior to the 1950s, and even newer homes from the early 1990s may have polybutylene pipes. Both galvanized and polybutylene pipes should be replaced to avoid inevitable clogs and leaks.

Sobieski: Pipe Repair for Your DE, MD, PA or NJ Home

Whether your home’s pipes are making it plainly obvious that they need repairs or are more slowly causing problems, the professional plumbing team at Sobieski can help. Avoid expensive home repairs, poor health, and even difficulty taking a proper shower with plumbing repair and replacement solutions. We’ll provide you with the peace of mind and comfort you deserve in your own home!

Don’t wait for a pipe to damage your home — contact us or call (302) 993-0103 to schedule an appointment with a Sobieski expert plumber today!

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