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3 Steps To Choosing A High-Performance Toilet

Skier XYour toilet can account for nearly 30 percent of your household’s average daily water use per person. If you want to start saving water and money, looking for a more efficient toilet is a good place to start.

But what makes for a quality toilet? How can you be sure that the toilet you buy will save you water while still getting the job done? Here are three tips for choosing a high-performance toilet.

1. Look for a toilet that meets the high-efficiency toilet standard (HET). If you bought your toilet before 1994, it will use a maximum of 3.4 gallons of water per flush (gpf). If you bought it in 1994 or after, it will have a maximum of 1.6 gpf. But a HET fixture uses a maximum of only 1.3 gpf, a reduction of 20 percent.

2. Don’t sacrifice performance for water efficiency. The thing that matters most when choosing a high-performance toilet is how much waste it can handle with just one flush. If you have a toilet that uses less water but you have to flush it several times to get waste to go down, you end up using more water, rather than less. Look for toilets that have undergone maximum performance testing to ensure quality, and bear the WaterSense label, certifying that they provide significant water savings while maintaining a high-performance standard.

3. A more expensive toilet is not necessarily a more efficient toilet. The high-efficiency toilet industry is a very competitive market, and as such, you can find single flush toilets with low water usage and great performance for not much money. Great dual flush toilets, which can flush halfway or all the way, depending on what you need, can be purchased for not much more. So, when choosing a high-performance toilet, shop around for toilets that can still meet your efficiency needs and save you money.

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