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3 Reasons Why HVAC Maintenance Plans Are Well Worth It

With your heating and cooling systems being the biggest users of energy in your home, it makes sense to do what you can to ensure they are running at peak performance and as efficiently as possible. The easiest and smartest way to accomplish this is to sign up for a comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan.

Here are three reasons why a reputable HVAC maintenance plan is well worth it:

  • Extend the life of your equipment: Just like regular oil changes and tuneups will extend the operating life of your car’s engine, regular tuneups performed on your heating and cooling equipment will further their life expectancy. Maintenance plans typically include semiannual maintenance services, one for the heating system in fall and for the cooling system in spring. Identifying small problems before they cause a breakdown and require expensive emergency service will save money, time and frustration.
  • Ensure peak performance and energy efficiency: Lubricating moving parts, changing filters, checking thermostat operation, cleaning and inspecting components, checking electrical connections, safety controls, fan operation and coils are all part of a maintenance routine necessary to ensure HVAC systems are performing properly and efficiently. You can expect an HVAC professional to perform these tasks as part of a comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan.
  • Priority service, discounts and other savings: Most HVAC maintenance plans include benefits other than the regular maintenance, which, in itself, is worth the price of most programs. In addition, many include priority service for enrolled members and discounts on other services, repairs or upgrades.

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