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3 Garbage Disposal Problems That Require Expert Attention

Considering the job the average household garbage disposal is expected to perform, it’s not surprising the majority of garbage disposal problems require professional service. A disposal is usually hard-wired into the house electrical circuit and connected directly to plumbing pipes. These factors make removal and repair beyond the skill set of most do-it-yourselfers. Safety is another reason user service is not recommended: Disposals incorporate a flywheel and sharp cutting blades that rotate at high speed to shred food waste. When garbage disposal problems occur, however, it can be useful to know what to expect when a service technician comes to the door.

Here are three common malfunctions:

1. Garbage disposal makes a humming noise but does not operate – This usually signifies a jam. Something that shouldn’t have gone down the disposal, such as a utensil or some other metallic object, is obstructing the moving parts. A technician will make sure the disposal is de-energized for safety and then use a wrench to manually rotate the flywheel to release jammed material. If necessary, the disposal may be removed from its mount and plumbing connections and disassembled further to clear the jam.

2. Disposal drains water slowly or not at all – This is usually a plumbing issue requiring drain service. The technician will remove plumbing connections to the disposal and inspect for obstructions. If necessary, a drain snake can be inserted after the sink trap to clear blockages further down the drain line.

3. Disposal leaks – Water leakage from a garbage disposal may come from a number of plumbing-related sources. Sealant in the sink flange may have deteriorated, the disposal drainpipe may be loose or the drainpipe gasket defective or the hose linking the disposal to the dishwasher may be leaking. Leakage may also result from internal sources such as a defective flywheel seal.

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