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Air Filtration

Air filtration is the most critical element to indoor air quality, system performance, system efficiency, and system longevity. It is imperative that we have a working knowledge of what type of environment our clients would like to enjoy. We offer a wide array of options for air filtration, from simple 1” filter replacements, all the way to filtration systems that can provide you hospital grade air purification. Facts about filtration:

  • Filters were never conceived of to filter dust. The original filters were there to protect the system, not your family.
  • Expensive or “performance” 1” pleated filters rob your system of air, thus, eliminating efficiency and comfort
  • The EPA states that filters with high static (restriction) can take your 16 SEER system down to a 9.2 SEER
  • New aluminum coils are particularly susceptible to damage from air restrictions
  • Restricted air results in dangerous heat exchanger operation
  • Premature system failure is less likely be due to debris and far more likely to be associated with lack of airflow
  • Pleated 4.5” filters are built with system performance and family health as a matter of great importance

Air Filtration

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1” Filters:

  • Designed to protect furnace
  • Higher Merv & FPR ratings restrict air flow
  • Recommended to change monthly
  • 75% efficiency 3 microns or larger particle size

MERV 11 5” Filter:

  • Protect Furnace & Improved Air Quality
  • Low Air Restriction due to increased surface area
  • Can last up to 1 year
  • 75% Efficiency 1-3 microns particle size
  • 85% or better efficiency 3 microns or larger particle size

MERV 16 5” Filter:

  • Protect Furnace and Best Air Filtration
  • Low Air Restriction due to Increased surface area
  • Carbon Coated for Odor Removal
  • .3 microns and larger
  • 95% or better Efficiency particle size
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