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Compliance with Safety, Quality and Schedule

With our emphasis on pre-construction planning, Sobieski Mechanical Contractors has incorporated our Fabrication Shop as a key element for project execution. Equipment-wise, our shop facility includes a fully automated (CAD/CAM) ductwork coil line that ties directly into our BIM system.

We also use automated pipe welding processes and other automated duct and piping equipment in our shop. When we combine this shop equipment with our detailed pre-project planning, we are able to optimize the amount of field work needed for a mechanical installation. Items such as pre-cut/pre-assembled pipe spools, pre-assembled ductwork, hangers, and other pre-assemblies are prepared in our shop and shipped out to our field teams for installation. This prefabrication process results in more controlled compliance with safety, quality, and schedule, and less laydown space than the normal field cut/fit process.

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