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IAQ stands for indoor air quality, which is the air quality within and around buildings and structures. IAQ impacts the health and comfort of building occupants. Healthy Climate Solutions™ from Lennox, and other indoor air quality systems, work with your home comfort system to make your indoor air as clean and comfortable as it can possibly be. When your home’s air is clean, your family can breathe and feel better.

Signs of an Indoor Air Problem

Odors and damaged surfaces:
While you can’t see the air in your home, there are signs you can look for to tell if there’s something wrong. Red flags may include musty odors, condensation on windows, discoloration of walls or ceilings, loose drywall tape, wood warping, and peeling or chipping of paint.

Headaches and other health symptoms:
How you feel is also a good indicator of whether or not you have a problem with indoor air quality. If you can breathe easier when you’re away from home, your home’s air may not be as healthy as it should be.

This system brings fresh air into your house, even if all the windows are closed. It works to recover heat or cooling from the air leaving the house in any season.

This system also kicks into gear on humid days, reducing the amount of humidity coming in.

MicroPower Guard – The MicroPower Guard electronic air cleaner removes 97% of airborne particles that can contaminate your indoor air, making it safer and more comfortable for your family to breathe. This includes allergens such as pollen, biological materials, and dust mite pellets. The air cleaner also eliminates contaminants that other filters miss, including bacteria, smoke, and other odors.

– Removes 97% of harmful airborne particles, including allergens

– Fits easily into your existing one-inch furnace filter area

– Improves airflow by up to 50% over standard carbon filter

Carbon Clean Box Filter –

High-performance filtration with a narrow 7 in. cabinet

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