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  • $7,900 is the approximate cost of one minute of data center downtime


  • $505,500 is the approximate cost of an average 90-minute downtime incident


  • 75% OF DOWNTIME is the result of human error, which can be caused by:  lack of planning; poor training; poor maintenance; poor equipment

http://www.computerweekly.com/news/2240179651/Human-error-most-likely-cause-of-datacentre-downtime- finds-study

  • There are nearly 510,000 data centers worldwide. Globally, data centers occupy nearly 286 million-square-feet of space, which is equivalent to about 6,000 football fields


  • From 2005 to 2010, electricity used by data centers worldwide increased by about 56%, and now represents about 1.5% of global electricity use


  • A 50,000-square-foot data center consumes about 5 MEGAWATTS of power

http://www.itwatchdogs.com/environmental-monitoring-news/data-center/improving-data-center-energy- efficiency-544171

  • Servers in U.S. data centers use as much as power as 5 MILLION HOMES